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The dental office is located at 65 Eliot Street, which is Route 16, in South Natick, between the Towns of Wellesley and Sherborn also on Route 16.

The Massachusetts Turnpike, Route 9 and Route 135 are all major highways north of South Natick going east to west.

Once in the downtown area of Natick at the intersections of Routes 135 and 27 at the traffic light, go 3/10ths of a mile on Route 135 headed east to the next traffic light with Union Street on the right. Go 1 1/2 miles on Union Street to the first light at Route 16, this is Eliot Street. South Natick Dental Group is the 4th building on the right. The driveway is before the building, 3 stories - white - with columns, and the parking and entrance to the office are in the rear.

Massachusetts Turnpike

Take exit 13 for Natick. There are two options after the toll booths, either right or left - which is basically straight. Stay straight, meaning the left portion of the road and go over Route 30 on the cloverleaf bridge which places you onto Route 30 headed east. In 1/2 mile you will come to a large intersection with many lanes and lights at Speen Street. Take a right onto Speen Street, go over Route 9, you will see a fire station on the right and a traffic light ahead. Go straight through this light staying on Speen Street for 1 mile to the next light. This is the intersection of Speen Street and Route 135, make a left turn onto Route 135 and go 2 miles to downtown Natick, at the intersections of Route 135 and Route 27. Stay on Route 135 and go 3/10ths of a mile to the next light. Make a right turn onto Union Street and go 2 miles to the next light at Route 16, which is Eliot Street. Turn right on to Route 16, the dental office is the 4th building on the right.


Route 128/95:

and then get onto Route 135 which in Wellesley is also Route 16. In downtown Wellesley Route 135 and 16 split, so stay on Route 16 which is a left turn at the light. In 1 1/3 miles you will be in South Natick, go through the light at Union Street, stay on Route 16, 4th building on the right.

Route 495:

exit Route 495 at Exit 19 and get onto Route 16, and take this to the office in South Natick. The office will be on your left, before the light.

Route 27:

after passing through the Town of Sherborn, and the fire-station, Route 27 and Route 16 are the same road, Route 16 will head east at the light, and stay on Route 16 for 3 miles until you get to South Natick.


Route 27:

take Route 27 to downtown Natick and follow the directions above.


Route 135:

come into downtown Natick and follow the directions above.

Route 9:

get off route 9 onto Speen Street after Shoppers World and follow the directions from the Mass Pike above.


Routes 9, 135, 16;

get onto Route 16 and go to South Natick after Wellesley.