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Regular preventative oral care is a wise investment.

We hope you share our belief that early care is easier and less costly than treatment delayed. This is why we custom design and encourage regular preventive maintenance visits. These visits and their frequency during the year are determined by your particular dental health and needs.

These re-care visits consist of reviewing and updating of the patients medical history, examination of the head, neck, and thyroid of the patient, oral cancer screening, examination for the detection of decay and periodontal (gum) disease, as well as preventative dental cleanings.

Please check if the drinking water in your town is fluoridated or if you drink bottled water it may not contain fluoride. If it is not fluoridated you and your family care may be at a greater risk for dental decay. We highly recommend the utilization of a fluoride supplement. We will help you in finding the one that can best work for you and your family.