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This is the view of the front of the building at 65 Eliot Street, Natick, Massachusetts.

The first floor is where I have my dental practice. There are four dental operatories with one behind each window, so the patients can view the Charles River. The modesty curtains in the windows are for the patients, but they don't obstruct the view from inside the building.

View from the front of the building overlooking the Charles River with the dam and park.

View of the Charles River just below the dam which can be seen from the building. The bridge is for the cross road which intersects with Eliot Street 1/2 block away at the library on one corner and church on the adjacent corner.

View of 65 Eliot Street from the side, showing the driveway and parking area in the rear. The Entrance for the dental office is in the rear of the building. The cross-walk leads across the street to the park at the dam on the Charles River.

This is the rear of the library, and the stone in the lawn denotes the Indian Burial Ground. Given the year 1731, this is indeed a very historic area in New England. Our building is to the left of the library across the street, three doors down.

This picture was just taken from the bridge going over the Charles River. Our building is in the background in the center of this picture. Essentially, the surrounding area reflects a very calm and relaxing atmosphere with a lot of well thought of history in the area. Tranquility is the main focal point for the location for the office, as all patients chuckle about their mindsets, as they are anything and far removed from: "Going to see the dentist!" At this point the Charles River is highly stocked with trout for fishing.

This view is of the intersection of Eliot Street / Route 16 from Pleasant Street with the iron fence for the library on the left. This is typical New England with the White church as the center of the geographic area, called South Natick. The street going away in the center of the picture is Union Street which goes directly into Natick in one and one half miles, and our house is one mile away on Union Street. The Settler's Burial Ground, again typical of New England, is directly behind the church. Wellesley is 2 miles North going to the right.

This is a typical dental operatory in the office, of which there are five, with the window overlooking the Charles River. The dental chairs are Eurodent from Italy with the Swedish foam cushions that contour to your body for comfort. All countertops are granite and the floors are industrial resin impregnated Brazilian Cherry. The monitor at the chair is so the patient can watch any television program on cable, and I can also place the patient's X-rays on this monitor during exams to explain the treatment plan. There is also an addition chair in each operatory so someone can comfortably remain with the patient if desired. Each operatory also has its own X-ray unit for making radiographs, without moving the patient. All lighting throughout the office is indirect wall lighting, again to set a relaxing atmosphere.

This operatory has a dental chair for hygiene and houses the PlanMeca digital multipurpose X-ray unit. This X-ray unit allows me to do full head X-rays which I can digitize into a cephalometric program for analyses. I use these analyses for my orofacial pain and disorders patients. I can also do X-rays of the jaw joints, sinuses, and make tomogram slices anywhere in the head to assess the amount of bone present for implant sites. For more information regarding the computer programs I use for TMJ/Orofacial Pain and Disorders patients, go to: Gammadental.com.

Hallway view within the dental office with the operatories and central sterilization room on the left, toilets and hygiene room on the right. The main theme was to create a very home-like relaxing atmosphere for the entire office complex, using indirect lighting, green walls and dark woods, with an oriental runner.