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www.iadd.net - The Institute for Advanced Definitive Dentistry dedicated to the teaching of advanced definitive dental procedures in the treatment of orofacial pain and disorders - TMJ - TMD

www.gammadental.com - The company manufacturing and distributing the instrumentation taught and used by IADD in the treatment of dental patients.

www.biohorizons.com The dental implant company used by Dr. Missert

www.iaaid.net - The International Institute encompassing members from all over the world dedicated to advanced interdisciplinary dental procedures

www.ada.org - The American Dental Association with a lot of valuable information for patients under: A-Z Topics.

www.donau-uni.ac.at - The university in Krems, Austria from which Dr. Missert's school in South Natick is linked to give a Masters of Science in Dental Sciences to North American dentists attending classes in Natick.

www.zmksl.at - The hospital and staff in Vienna, Austria, linked to Donau University and IADD, where Dr. Missert teaches some of the courses for the dentists attending the Masters course in Natick at Dr. Missert's office, when these dentists go to Austria for one five day course module each year.