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There is never a "right time for a dental emergency”. Recognizing this, we strive to promptly accommodate your schedule and your needs. During office hours we can be reached at: 508.650.1700

After hour emergencies, please call our home number and speak on the answering machine. If we are home we will pick up, if not, we will return your call as soon as possible.

Home: 508.647.4797

This emergency coverage should be considered reimbursement for fees incurred, and this reimbursement is dependent on many factors including deductibles and maximum allowable benefits in a given year.

Our Office does not participate in any third-party insurance plan and thus does not accept assignment of benefits, since the contract for insurance is a contract between the insurer and the insured. Under the law benefits must be paid to the insured within thirty days after submission of a claim to the insurance company. Assignment of those benefits to non-participating providers may not be paid for well over ninety days.

We will be happy to fill out your insurance claim form for you, to expedite you reimbursement. Please bring your insurance card and insurance information with you on your first visit. You will then be prepared to immediately submit your claim for reimbursement.