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Our new digital X-ray system utilizes less radiation and are available in seconds. That means less time waiting - and less time in the Chair. Plus, Dr. Missert can enlarge and review the X-rays at the time of your visit on the monitor mounted to the dental chair, where you can also watch cable Television.

How does digital X-ray work?

It's simple. The dentist places a small, flat sensor in your mouth. The sensor has a sanitary sheath on it and is connected to the digital X-ray computer by a thin wire. The dentist uses the same X-ray machine to send an X-ray beam into the sensor instead of film. The sensor records a precise, highly detailed image of your teeth and sends it to the computer, where it is stored and can be viewed on the screen, The sensor is then repositioned to X-ray other teeth if necessary.

Are Digital X-rays safe?

Digital X-rays equipment is the very safest technology for taking X-rays of teeth. Digital X-rays create computer-based images, which require less radiation than conventional film X-rays. In fact, the amount of radiation you receive during an airplane flight from New York to San Francisco is greater than the radiation you will receive from the digital X-ray we use.

Will it change my dental visit?

It will, but only in good ways. For example, your checkups should take less time, because the image is available almost immediately after the X-ray is taken. And, with the large, color-enhanced images, you see what your dentist sees, so you can better understand the treatment he or she recommends. With both of you looking at the screen together, it's easier for you and your dentist to co-diagnose and make informed treatment decisions.

What other benefits does digital X-ray provide?

Digital X-ray is better for the environment, because there are no photo-chemicals, film or lead wrapper waste to dispose of. Also, if needed, you can take a copy of your digital X-ray home with you. Finally, it is fun and educational to watch the system work, making your dental visit more enjoyable.

We not only have small digital individualized tooth X-ray capability, but also a larger machine that does Panoramic, Cephalometric, Sinus and Tomographic X-rays, so that you do not have to go to different facilities for any of your radiographic needs. This is especially important for assessing bone levels for dental implant sites.

If you are searching for a dentist who invests in the most advanced patient care, give us a call. You'll like the way we take diagnostics and treatment to new levels.

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